Sandra Guadalupe Ojeda & María Eugenia Ianiro

Motivation and pronunciation: two sides of the same coin?

In most Argentinian Teacher Training Colleges it is expected that trainee teachers acquire intelligible as well as accurate pronunciation since they will become models of the language. In this presentation we will address ways of motivating EFL students to practise pronunciation in an engaging and motivating way in virtual environments.


Stage 1: Presentation’s objectives

The main aim of this presentation is to show teachers how to improve pronunciation in an engaging way by using songs with phonetic transcription and accompanying students learning paths using apps such as Moodle and Edmodo. We will highlight their potential benefits and possible uses and share a range of activities to help teachers have a clear idea of how to implement them in their lessons.

Stage 2: Describing the context

We will provide a description of EFL Argentinian teacher trainers’ situation in pandemic times, considering what they have done to face the challenge of online teaching in this emergency context.

Stage 3: Importance of helping students improve their pronunciation skills

Pronunciation is vital for students’ academic and future success. At this stage, we will analyze the importance of fostering intelligible pronunciation in pre-service teacher trainees.

Stage 4: Activities and applications that can be used to enhance pronunciation.

We will show activities and applications that can be implemented in virtual environments to help students pronounce in an intelligible way. On one hand, we will share some activities that can be implemented to improve students’ pronunciation. On the other hand, we will also share helpful applications to make students practise asynchronously.

Stage 5: Activities to demonstrate pronunciation skills enhancement

At this point, we will ask attendees to take part in some activities so that they can reflect upon their own lessons and see whether they can adapt them to their students.

Stage 6: Tips and tricks to improve students’ pronunciation skills

We will share some tips and tricks to be taken into consideration when implementing these activities and apps in their lessons.

Stage 7: Feedback and reflection

We will propose attendees to reflect upon the workshop and highlight their takeaways by means of metacognitive activities.


Sandra Guadalupe Ojeda is an EFL Teacher and Translator, Teacher of English in Higher Education (UCU) and holds a MA TEFL (Uneatlántico University). She is a Specialist in Education, Technologies and Teaching Practice. She has been teaching English for twenty years and is currently a teacher trainer at EFL Teacher Education Programmes. She has specialized in phonology, methodology and language.


María Eugenia Ianiro is a graduate teacher of English (IDRA) and holds a degree as Licenciada en Lengua Inglesa (Universidad de Morón). She is currently doing her dissertation for the NILE MA in Professional Development for Language Education, Chichester University. She is a teacher trainer at EFL Teacher Education Programmes. She has specialized in language, phonology and methodology.