Raquel Sánchez Ruiz

Fostering Critical Thinking, HOTS and LOTS through CLIL Activities

This workshop, mainly aimed at Primary Education teachers, will start with the theoretical foundations to understand the principles of CLIL and how to apply them to the classroom. Later, I will focus on CLIL lesson design, by following the structure of anticipation, mini-lesson, active learning and reflection, and hands-on activities, for which the audience participation will be needed.


The main goal of this workshop, mainly addressed at Primary Education teachers, is to review the theoretical foundations and principles of CLIL and transform them into practical applications and hands-on activities to be done with the audience. First, I will focus on the features of CLIL, theoretical assumptions and analysis protocols and their implications for CLIL lessons and material selection. Later, I will delve into CLIL and EFL lesson design and structure, by following Brophy-Sellen’s (2017) model of anticipation, mini-lesson, active learning and reflection. For that, I will prepare a selection of practical activities to work on the five skills that will be done with the audience. Apart from the reflection on the activities, the workshop will reach to an end by drawing conclusions on CLIL, problems and solutions and future challenges that will help teachers in their CLIL and EFL syllabi and lesson design.


Brophy-Sellens, Heather (2017): “Strategic Strategies that Foster Success in Content Area/English Language Classrooms”. Evident-Based Strategies to Support Bilingual Education in Spain and the US. International Conference, 27-29 January, Salamanca.


Dr Raquel Sánchez Ruiz has been teaching both BA and MA studies at the Faculty of Education since 2008. Her main research interests are foreign language acquisition/learning, ELT, ELT methodology, bilingual education and CLIL. She has been a speaker in more than 50 regional, national and international events and has written both chapters and papers in high-quality publishing houses and indexed journals.