María González García

The very best of: María González García

I know it sounds very pompous, but this is what this workshop is all about. After 20 years of teaching EFLin high schools, I want to share with you my best activities, tips, techniques and resources. I have refined them over the years and they have never failed to involve and motivate students. So, without further ado …


I know it sounds like a cheesy Christmas album, but this is what this workshop is all about. After 20 years of teaching English, in this workshop I will share the best activities, tips, techniques and resources that I use in my lessons day in, day out.

My objective is not to show you a summary of the latest trends in education or the most up-to-date methodologies, but to share what really works for me and my students. I have refined these activities, tips and techniques over the years and now they never fail to involve and motivate students, regardless of their age or level. That is why I keep using them in every one of my lessons!

During the workshop, you will do the activities as if you were the students. So, without further ado …

1. Give me something to do! Using the first five minutes of each lesson productively.

2. Calling the register: a waste or time or a fantastic way to activate, revise and/or reflect?

3. My lovely necklace: How to get everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) in class to speak in English (and ONLY in English).

4. Let’s read! Introducing texts (running dictation and dictogloss). Techniques for reading in pairs.

5. We all need a brainbreak! (Crazy daisy, Gomaespuminglish, Charlie bit my finger, etc.).

6. Checking homework: does it have to be so tedious and time-consuming?

7. Individual whiteboards: a simple and practical way to assess students.

8. YouTube: what else do you need to teach English? Different techniques for using videos in class.

9. Mindfulness: using meditation in class.

10. Improving students’ behaviour and motivation: the irresistible “Torripoint” (only to be earned at IES La Torreta, Alicante).


María González has been teaching foreign languages for 20 years. At present, she is an ESL teacher in Elda and teacher trainer for the Regional Education Department of the Valencian Community. She has participated in numerous Erasmus projects and was awarded an Etwinning European Quality Label. She holds a PGCE, an MA in Teaching Spanish and a BA in English.