Kieran Donaghy

What about the Fifth Skill of Viewing?


In the English language curricula of a number of countries – for example, Canada, Australia and Singapore – two new skills, viewing and visually representing, have been added to the four. In this talk I examine what viewing is, and how we can help students become more effective viewers by exploring a number of generic activities which can be used with a variety of visual texts – photos, paintings, short films and videos.

In this session, I’ll be using some examples from Macmillan Education’s new adult course, Macmillan English Hub.


Kieran is an award-winning writer, speaker and trainer. He writes books for teachers and students of English. His publications include Film in Action (Delta Publishing), Writing Activities for Film and Video ELT (Teacher2Writer), and The Image in ELT (ELT Council). He is one of the authors of video material for Macmillan English Hub. He trains teachers at The School for Training, his specialist teacher training institute in Barcelona.