Harry Waters & Euan Paul

Zooming Around: 10 Activities for the Online Classroom

With the ever changing landscape of the classroom a lot of us have been left with no option but to teach online. While it was a huge stain at first we've all developed some fantastic new skills. In this workshop we aim to give you a whole host of ideas to prevent your online classroom from being a powerpoint bore fest and keep your students locked in and ready to learn.


This session will give a brief over view as to some of the basic funcions of online sharing platforms.It is a highly practical workshop which will provide teachers with plenty of lesson planning fodder. It will go into detail about how to breathe life into the online classroom with 10 fool proof games which provide excitement and plenty of language. Some activities involve the platform and its whiteboard while others are more active. All of this will then be supplimented with more thoughtful ones for teens and adults. But all of which can be adapted to all levels.

Each activity will allow for feedback and interaction.


Harry hails from the shoe capital of middle England, Northampton. For the best part of fifteen years he has been teaching across the globe. He has now spends his time trying to find new ways of keeping the ever evolving classroom as active and interesting as possible. His focus he has ranged from pronunciation to hybrid teaching and the online classroom.


Euan Paul has worked in the UK, Italy and Spain. He took the DELTA in 2011 and since then has been heavily involved in his language school's professional development programme. He is currently studying a ipgce and teaching hybrid classes in Seville. He is particularly interested in researching classroom management techniques, fostering intrinsic motivation and interdependence theories of learning.