Francesca Lambert

The Arts in Language Learning

When it comes to language learning, an old saying rings true: a picture is worth a thousand words. There is developing proof that the arts help children with language acquisition and that they support the development of cognitive skills. In this session, I’ll be giving practical information on how to use pictures, drama, songs, and projects to foster language learning.


I believe that engagement is fundamental and as teachers we have to make our students participate in the classroom as much as we can and actively engage them. Each of our students learn in different ways and we must be aware of that - in our classrooms we might have visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social or even solitary learners.

In my view , variety is the spice of life! Diversity makes life interesting , enjoyable- as teachers we have to consider the different ways of learning and teaching for stronger independence of our students for the future and their real communication in English outside of our classes. When learning and teaching is visual and active I find students have a much better understanding of the concepts practiced in class and when my students are actively producing the language and engaged they will learn more, retain more and enjoy learning in our classes.

In the first part of my workshop I will motivate attendees to bring our course books to life, our material to life… to a real context!

As educators of english it is our responsibility to define that our students have successful communication - our students will learn by looking, listening and experimenting and through this workshop I would like to show you how this is possible by integrating the arts in our classroom.

In the second section of my workshop I will present activities of the four main skills in teaching English as foreign language (listening, reading, writing and speaking) as well as giving practical information on how to use pictures, drama, songs, and projects to foster language learning.


Francesca Lambert has been at TEB for five years having graduated in Arabic and Islamic Studies. She’s presented some of her ideas at ACEIA previously and at FECEI in Madrid. Her teaching techniques are exciting and fun with a strong emphasis on humour as a teaching tool! Francesca teaches groups of all ages, having a main focus on YL.