Fiona Dunbar

Let's Dance!

We all can dance when we find music we love! When we don't feel like dancing, the right tune can change all that. And when we don’t feel like working or learning, we can change that too. In this session, we look at how we can get ourselves and our students motivated to keep going through these tough times.


"We are indeed living in the strangest of times. There is a great temptation to stop, to keep still, not to look ahead... While these feelings are natural, they work against our need to progress and work towards the future, ourselves as teachers and with our students.

While the world may have turned uoside down, the basic principles around learning stand strong. When the motivation is strong enough, we can do it!!

In this session, we look beyond our immediate surroundings, be that the online classroom or our ""new normal"" face-to-face classroom (whatever that may look like come March 2021!!). We look at what drives us to want to learn (and to teach) and look at ways we can tap into our natural motivation, to make the most of our learning opportunities and build towards a brighter future, whatever that may be.

The session touches on theory behind second

language acquisition and recent trends and research within the field.

We look at how we can adapt our teaching in this new world to ensure that we and our students are making the most of the time and effort invested.

In a 45-minute session, the workshop is broken down approximately as follows:

Introduction – 5 min

Presentation and discussion re motivation and its role in (language) learning and teaching – 10-15min

Presentation and discussion of classroom and self-access techniques and activities – 20 min

Round up and questions – 5 min

Throughout the session, participants are encouraged to participate actively, reflecting on their experience and practice. The session is relevant for teachers of young learners or adults, working either in the school system or in private language academies

It is appropriate for newly trained or more experienced teachers.


Fiona has been teaching, training and managing in ELT for over 25 years. She is owner and director of ELI language school in Málaga. She loves languages, learning and reflecting on what drives people to keep trying, developing and moving forward.