Elisa Turri

Refreshing, refocusing and learning

To learn well, our students need to move and play: playful moving, laughing , chanting or singing promote more -and more productive- learning. In this highly interactive and fun workshop we will look at energizers, real life games and activities that will help our students refresh, refocus, and learn. You will use these activities every day!


Teachers know it instinctively, they see it every day in their classrooms, and research supports it: to feel well, and learn well, students need to move. And they need to move at regular intervals throughout the school day, not just at recess or during after school free play . Yet even though we know how important movement is for our learners, our packed school schedules often leave us feeling that we can’t spare time away from lessons. That’s where and when energizers come in: in just two or three minutes, energizers get students moving, breathing deeply, laughing, and singing or laughing together. Then, with spirits refreshed, bodies relaxed, and minds clear, they are ready to refocus on more – and more productive learning. Energizers are a playful, purposeful way to incorporate physical exercise and mental stimulation into an already tight day: using energizers doesn’t take much time, but it can make a big impact on learning.


Elisa is a very happy EFL teacher in a middle school in a small town near Milan , Italy , and she regularly does seminars for teachers at the British Council in Milan and for TESOL Italy .

She is passionate about creating meaningful lessons to promote students’ ability for natural communication , confidence, autonomy , responsibility and responsAbility, self evaluation.

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