Danny Singh

Teaching Creatively Online and Offline

We’ll start by looking at how I taught in the classroom (pre-Covid), then how I’ve adapted my lessons to keep them creative and effective, both online and hopefully in the future offline. We’ll also discuss ways to personalise your lessons and I’ll leave you with some ready-made lessons that you can use immediately when you get back to school.


"After a brief introduction, I’ll start the session by showing a short video of a teacher-training I did at a Waldorf school in Croatia a few years ago, which illustrates the way I generally teach, hands-on, lots of movement, touching, hugging, using all the senses, kinaesthetic, singing, dancing and so on. We’ll identify as many of the activities in the video that we can, before I move on to explain how I set about dealing with lessons online, as a result of the Covid virus.

In short, I recycled a series of video lessons, “A short taste of English” which I made back in 2010/2011. We will watch a part of one of these videos to see how they work. They are all interactive and students can even be left to follow the lesson, while teachers go for a quick coffee, before coming back to gather the results and feedback from all participating students. These videos are all available on my YouTube channel, free to access and can be used as many times as they like, without needing to ask my permission, although it would be nice to get some feedback. These videos can be used both online as most of us are teaching now, but also offline once we are all back in the classroom, so it gives the teacher a variety of options.

Finally, I will show some short one-minute videos that I have made myself, which are personalised, how I use them in the classroom and this will provide the stimulus for teachers to create their own personalised lessons on the basis of their own personal interests that they too can use successfully in the classroom to create interesting, entertaining and highly effective lessons.


Danny Singh originally from London, but now based in Rome & Canterbury. He generally follows a humanistic and holistic approach, but now focuses more on images and videos due to the current situation. He is the author of two books and regularly contributes articles to teaching publications. He also offers workshops and teacher-training on demand.