Clodagh Twomey

Great Fun Games

New neuroscience research shows that active learning, where the learner is doing, moving, interacting can change the way the brain works and can accelerate the learning process. Max Your Class has developed through 14 years of research a "little box of tricks" that all Teachers should be aware of. This workshop not only explains what games and activities work but explains why they work.


COVID - 19 has kept children apart and has removed the ball from the patio, now that we are coming out of being restricted, it is time to put away the devices and get serious about play. This workshop begins with a description of how movement affects brain development and memory. The session then describes the need for play in children’s development both socially and emotionally. The workshop gives very practical tips and guides on how structured play can be incorporated into the language classroom, where they can create a genuine need for communication. The session is interactive, the audience as it uses the Mentimeter app for live audience polling. The workshop then moves on to a demonstration of different types of games that are suitable for different age groups and different learning styles. Finally, there are 10 mins at the end for questions and comment.


Clodagh is from Cork, Ireland. She graduated from the University of Dublin with a degree in chemical engineering (BEng Chem) in 1992. With the birth of her two daughters, Clodagh became interested in the acquisition of 2nd Language, and as CLIL gained momentum, she decided to use her love of science and language to start the Afterschool Project. After 14 years of blood sweat and tears, she launched Max Your Class and Great Fun Games, a linguistic project to enhance traditional competence-based learning.