Borja Uruñuela

The profile of the Successful Online Student

I will explore some of the essential abilities students online need in order to be successful. I believe our role now is also to help our students become effective online learners. I will also share a survey I’ve carried out. If you want your students to make the most of their online learning experience this might be your talk.


The objective of this talk is to highlight the abilities online students need to have in order to become successful online learners.

I’ll start by talking about technical abilities vs personal abilities. We’ll discuss which ones play a bigger role in online learning.

Throughout the talk I’ll share and discuss a survey I’ve carried out on Online Learning. I will share charts with the results from the survey and also the comments that people made when they answered these questions.

My goal is to help participants to have a clear understanding of how we can help our students, who might be new to online learning, take advantage of the opportunities online learning brings along.

I will answer and discuss the following questions:

What abilities are more important for students to be successful in their online studies?

What abilities are more important for teachers to be successful in their online teaching?

What are the biggest challenges for students when studying online?

What are the biggest advantages for the student learning online?

What are the 3 biggest advantages for online teachers?

What makes online learning successful?

I’ll show that teaching online is not that different to teaching in the classroom. The basic abilities remain very much the same but it’s true that it’s done through a new channel.

I’ll close the session with my own personal experience.


Borja has been working in education for 30 years. He has been the Head of Education at St. James for 25 years where he teaches and works closely with teachers to maintain the level of teaching quality at St. James. He’s a regular speaker at national conferences and has written material for Macmillan and Cambridge University Press.