Sophia Mavridi

Keeping Students Engaged at a Distance

With COVID-19 forcing schools and institutions to move their classrooms online, a new approach to education has emerged; that of emergency remote teaching (ERT). This quick transition out of the physical classroom and into the virtual one has presented most educators with great opportunities but also challenges, not least of which is keeping students engaged at a distance. How can we create engaging and interactive learning experiences in the synchronous and asynchronous language classroom? Informed by online pedagogies, this plenary session will explore effective and practical ways to keep students in the learning zone.

Sophia Mavridi is a digital learning specialist and a lecturer in English Language Teaching at De Montfort University in the UK. She also works with educational institutions around the world providing in-service training and consultation. Her latest publications are ‘English for 21st Century Skills’ (Express Publishing, 2020) and ‘Digital Innovations and Research in Language Learning’ (IATEFL, 2020) both of which reflect her keen interest in innovative pedagogies in language education.